Central Group is looking to attract highly ambitious, creative and achievement-orientated graduates who not only want to broaden their horizons but also possess a desire to build an extraordinary career in a fast growing business.

As a Management Associate, you will be given the opportunity to rotate through several teams across different business functions during the two-year program. This will provide curated exposure to different work areas within your chosen business specialization. These areas include Marketing, Merchandising, Operations, Brand Management and Business Development.

Your two-year Rotation Plan will be decided upon at the outset of the program with guidance of your MA Program Manager and your line manager. You will also participate in our specially designed leadership development program, a way of cultivating management skills and preparing you for management challenges of the future.

The 2 Year Program Journey

We expect you to make the most of what we offer you and to take the initiative to develop relevant skills, knowledge and experience.

It must be stressed that development does not stop after the two years is up, our aim is to grow and reward people in the long term. We are committed to providing the means by which you can fill ever more demanding roles. How fast you progress and where you are employed depends entirely on your performance, ambitions and potential. It is up to you.

Personal Testimonials

Management Associates not only have the chance to get involved in a variety of challenging projects in selected business units, but they also have the privilege to work with different teams in varied business areas within Central Group, both domestically and internationally. For me, the program has prepared me for a successful, long-term career as a business leader in Central Group.”

General Manager – Merchandise / Central Food Retail

MA Alumni 2010

“Central Group’s Management Associate Program is a fast track program for those who have an appetite for learning and a strong desire to succeed. You’ll be given a great opportunity to work in real-world situations with supportive coaches throughout the program. If you want to work for an organization with a wide variety of career opportunities, this program is just right for you.”

General Manager – Merchandise / Central Food Retail

MA Alumni 2010

“There is no job as dynamic as Central Group’s MA program where you can rotate and learn from different functions in the organization. It really is the fast track to develop and grow your career. My designated area (Robinson) is the best school to train the younger generation. It allows us to be creative and to implement what we believe in. Unique and encouraging, the MA program at Central Group will be a great start for young people embarking on exciting careers.”


General Manager – Merchandise / Robinson Department Store

MA Alumni 2014