Whatever you choose to do, in whichever business stream, you will have to meet the following criteria:

•  Possess a Master’s Degree in Business or related disciplines

•  Have no more than 5 years of work experience

•  Be fluent in verbal and written English

•  Be agile and self-motivated in your way of working

•  Demonstrate a results-orientated mindset with strong leadership skills

Yet we expect more.

•  Growth mindset – pushing out of comfort zone, embracing challenges and persisting in the face of obstacles with a belief that you can grow and that your abilities can be developed through effort.

•  Customer orientation – the ability to focus on and build long-term relationships with both external and internal customers. This is a prerequisite for the success of individuals and of the company.



  Strategic perspective & execution – the development of business plans and strategies and their implementation through setting business goals and meeting them.


•  Change leadership – the ability to work in a turbulent and unpredictable environment where responding to, managing and leading change is an essential set of skills.

•  People management – interpersonal skills are what the success of the Central Group depends on.

Ensure that you include in your application your nationality, degree, grades, work experience (if any), languages spoken, extracurricular interests and most importantly, your passion and career aspirations.  Apply online before August 31, 2019

(No email application will be accepted)